No doubt, losing weight can drain your soul out for it is perhaps, one of the most difficult and challenging task with NO GUARANTEED RESULTS! That’s right!

Conventional weight loss techniques are not guaranteed to work for all, it is for this reason, the usage of weight loss products is common these days.

green Coffee Before after

Weight loss supplements are one of its sorts that are commonly preferred for their natural weight cutting powers.

There are best steroids for women that help in fat loss and burn fat.

Amongst some most effective and known weight loss supplements is green coffee bean extract.

Yes, as its name says, the product is formulated using green coffee beans that are said to aid weight loss.

So, what is the science behind green coffee beans?

How does these help in weight loss? Well, green coffee includes a compound by the name chlorogenic acid that is what believed to assist weight cutting.

Basically, the substance was highly hyped to assist weight loss by an American doctor, Dr. Oz.

For those who do not know who this Tv celebrity is, Dr. Oz is a well known health expert that has always remained in limelight for his wisdom on fitness and health.

[ Also Watch: Dr. Oz’s 2 Week Rapid Weight-Loss Diet]

Now the question which arises here is that green coffee bean extract works the way it is said by Dr. Oz?

What does the science says? Is it proven to facilitate weight loss? Well, to know the answer, we have spent a great deal of time investigating the effectiveness and REAL FACTS about green coffee bean extract!

So, lets get to know green coffee beans more closely:


Pure Green Coffee beansBasically, Green coffee beans are no different than conventional coffee beans, however the difference between the two is that green coffee beans are the unroasted form of coffee beans.

These tend to be green in color that are roasted to brown, before being used and consumed.

The health benefits of coffee beans are known to all. These are rich in antioxidants are body need to function healthily.

Apart from this, these also contain active compounds like chlorogenic acid and caffeine, which further add to its health effects. Chlorogenic acid, in particular, is what said to be the most active content found in the substance, the compound that is considered to generate weight cutting effects. Though, while you roast green coffee beans, you actually lose this active content to the greatest.

This is the reason why normal coffee beans do not holds the same level of weight loss effects like the unroasted coffee beans do.

Though, normal coffee beans are always good for your taste buds!


Basically, green coffee bean extract holds a certain amount of caffeine. According to the research, caffeine is good to rev up a slow metabolism.

In fact, it can activate your metabolism by as much as 3 to 11%. Though, green coffee bean extract is better known to work due to chlorogenic acid.

Green Coffee extractsAs per the studies, the compound can limit the absorption of carbohydrates.

This can aid in keeping your blood sugar stabilized.

However, studies conducted on animals revealed that the compound can help in lowering body weight by limiting the absorption of fat through the diet. PhenQ and Phen375 are Top Best diet pills that work fast without exercise.

No just this, it was also observed that the compound has helped in decreasing stored fat and has improved the performance of adiponectin, a hormone that assist the burning of fat.

Well, it was also revealed that the compound can improve the levels of triglyceride and cholesterol in animals, both of which can lower the chances of cardiac disease.

Phentermine is FDA recommended weight loss pills that works for millions of people.

Even though, the compound has shown to reduce weight in animals, however, whether or not it holds the same level of effects for human cannot be judge through these studies.


Pure Green Coffee Extracts Before After

Apart from animal studies, the compound has also been tested on human. A study took a sample of 30 people, all with unhealthy weight.

The total time period of the study was 3 months wherein the sample was divided into two groups.

Winstrol and Anavar are two best anabolic supplements for weight loss.

Group A was given regular coffee whereas the group B was given coffee loaded with the extract of green coffee bean.

Both the groups were allowed to follow their old eating habits as well as their exercise routine.

The results were observed after the 3 months trial where group A lost 3.7lbs on an average against group B which drop 11.9 lbs during the period.

However, a reduction in the body fat percentage was also noticed in both the groups as 0.7% and 3.6% respectively.

Further studies:

These science-backed options will help supercharge your healthy diet for maximum fat burning pills.

Besides, there are other studies that have also done on humans to judge the efficacy of green coffee bean extracts. Despite the fact that most of these have shown positive results on weight loss, yet their validity cannot be trusted.

Why? Well because few of these are actually supported by companies that hold a share in the profit of its sales.

Though, there are some that can be believed as genuine however, more research work needs to be done to come up to an unbiased, definite conclusion.

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Green Coffee Beans BenefitsWell, when it comes to other health benefits of green coffee bean, it can be said that the substance may impact the way our system takes in and utilizes carbohydrates.

As it was shown in the studies conducted on animals, the compound has shown to lower the absorption of glucose.

If the effects of glucose metabolism tend to be same in human, then this would help in managing diabetes.

In addition to this, the substance may even affect your blood vessels in a positive manner which would improve your heart health to a considerable level.

A study conducted on humans and animals revealed that a certain dosage of green coffee bean extract can reduce blood pressure. And more importantly, green coffee bean holds chlorogenic acid, the compound that is proven to work like an antioxidant. As known, our body needs antioxidants to stay in best health!

So, apart from weight loss, the substance can help you perk up your overall health by regulating your blood pressure and keeping your body free from harmful substances!


There is no harm or side effects associated with the usage of its extracts. Though, the possibility of mild side effects do tend to exist merely due to the caffeine content present in green coffee bean, yet, the amount is not large enough to produce severe allergic reactions.

Trenbolone Acetate is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid and is considered the single greatest anabolic steroid by many performance enhancing athletes.

Allergic reactions generated by its usage may include increased heart rate, jitteriness and anxiety. Thus, if you are allergic or sensitive to this content, then you should either avoid or stay very much careful with the usage of supplements that contain its pure form.

Besides, cholrogenic acid also holds laxative properties which may induce diarrhea.

Besides, the substance should be strictly avoided by those expected with a baby or are fostering their child. In addition to this, it is not considered to be safe for children. So, if you are yet to turn eighteen, then avoid the usage of supplements that contain green coffee bean extracts.


No standard dosage has ever been set in the case of green coffee bean extracts. Supplements that contain green coffee bean extracts may have different dosages that are mostly, recommended to take before meals.

Must watch Phen24 results before you buy it.

Though, to benefit most through supplementation, it is recommended to follow clear instructions and recommended dosages.


Green Coffee Weight Loss Before After Results
Even though, majority of the human-based studies have shown positive weight loss effects of green coffee bean, yet, the need for more unbiased and quality research tends to exist. Many of these were either supported by companies or were small.

You should also see official Phenq reviews website for detailed information about this miracle diet pills in 2018.

Considering the results of such randomized controlled trials, we cannot judge the efficacy of green coffee bean on weight loss. Though, the substance has proven to hold other health benefits such as regulating blood pressure and metabolizing glucose.

Well, if you wish to trim down and get in shape through a natural approach, you can try ‘the-healthy-eating’ approach. It is one proven and healthy ways to get in shape at the earliest! Simply limit the consumption of carbohydrates and increase the intake of protein.

And yes, NO to processed and junk foods!

Though, if you feel the need to try green coffee bean, then you can go for a quality supplement that contains its pure and natural extracts. You may be able to cut the access pounds if you manage to follow a healthy lifestyle side by side!

Green coffee bean extracts can be given a try for its number of health benefits and yes, for its yet to be proven weight loss effects!

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